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​Crosschex is specific to Pima County, Arizona which is the area surrounding Tucson AZ. Crosschex and its staff have decided to be experts in one field and one geographic area rather than an aggregator of many.

We conduct investigative research and record retrieval for the below listed and we filed records as well in Pima County, AZ.

  • Criminal Court

  • Civil Court

  • Probate Court

  • Bankruptcy Court

  • US District Court

County Records

Retrieval and filing are both available

  • Recorder of Deeds    

  • Recorder's Office

  • Vital Records Office

About Us

Crosschex specializes in record retrieval and private investigations in Pima County, AZ. 


Our lead investigator has 30 years of investigative experience working for law firms and insurance companies. Our team offers first-party, in-house record retrieval and data searches.

In 2001, I.I.S. founded First InfoSource, which is a national aggregator of data to include national, comprehensive criminal record searches and much more. First InfoSource specializes as the only original source for Missouri DMV records to include criminal and much more.

CrossChex is now one of the companies that is under the Insurance Information Services umbrella of companies. CrossChex specializes in Arizona work and more precisely Pima County or Tucson area work.

CrossChex is an unmatched resource for obtaining first-hand records in Pima County, Arizona.



 We are not a reseller of basic data and printouts, but rather a reliable and full-service solution.​

  • Comprehensive, custom, and concise reporting

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Quick turnaround

  • Unsurpassed success rates

  • All investigative services are offered on a national basis.

  • Physical Presence

  • All Pima County record retrieval is conducted in-house

  • Volume discounts available

  • Online assignment capable via web



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